This unique collection brings together six terrific and often horrifying Gothic tales into one small chapbook. 'The Ruins of the Abbey of Fitz-Martin' tells the tale of Rosaline, whose father carries her off to a ruined abbey only to encounter the remains of a dark family secret; 'The Bleeding Nun of St. Catherine's' is an account of that secret involving seduction, the church and murder; 'The Castle on the Beach' richly illustrates divine justice; 'The Mysterious Monk' narrates the heroic deeds of Edwin in avenging the death of a Knight and thwarting a treasonous Baron; 'Courtney Castle' tells a tale of banditti, murder and virtue; and 'The Castle of Hospitality' underscores the necessity of heeding the call of the supernatural in an age of skepticism. Together they highlight the appeal that short tales of terror had on an audience used to triple decker novels. Published in 1801 by Ann Lemoine, Romances and Gothic Tales truly assembles a rare collection of popular fiction from the early nineteenth century.


The Ruins of the Abbey of Fitz-Martin

The Bleeding Nun of St. Catherine's

The Castle on the Beach; or, a Sea-Side story

The Mysterious Monk; or, The Cave of Blood

Courtney Castle; or, The Robbers' Cavern

The Castle of Hospitality; or, The Spectre